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Welcome to DT.Homes!

Enjoy A New Traveler Discount when you contact us

Welcome to DT.Homes!

About Us

certified business & educational consultancy firm

DT Homes is a certified business and educational consultancy firm in Nigeria. In overseas educational consultancy, DT Homes represents universities around the world.

In this regard, we provide information and counseling to the students and act as a link between the students and the universities.

We assist the universities with building up academic relations as well as marketing activities in Nigeria.

DT.Homes provides counseling on a ‘one on one’ basis for students, to chart out their career path for education abroad.

Our “Study Abroad Program” process applications for most of the Top Ranked universities in United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, United States of America, Canada and in other countries of the world that offers qualitative education programs.

We provide exceptional service to students interested in studying anywhere across the globe. DT.Homes is supported by a world-wide network of counselors and partner universities.

We provide overseas students with higher education opportunities across the world.

To provide students and parents best education consulting services and offer them a well established network of quality institution
To create sustainable competitive advantages through superior operating performance and the ability to respond flexibility and quickly to changes
To offer best educational consultancy on facilities planning, educational planning and management consulting and academic professional training to educational and research institutions and government.

Our Services

We Deliver True Results, Focusing On Strategic Decisions And Practical Actions Tailored To Our Clients’ Unique Reality.

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